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Integrity Test

Integrity is a very important part of the corporate culture. If employees do not display honesty and character, then scandals and scams in companies will not be far away. With intellectual property caveats, privacy concerns, and customer safety issues, ensuring the hiring of individuals with high integrity has become critical for organisations.

The I-Test is one of the few psychometric tests in the market that aims to measure the integrity of employees and potential employees.

The I-Test comes in two versions:
  • The I-Test Standard: Designed for all employees from clerical/entry level managerial positions right upto the top management.
  • The I-Test Basic: Designed specially for blue collar workers including housekeeping staff, drivers, cleaners, peons, workers and other employees with mimimun educational background.

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Qualities Measured

The I-Test helps you understand your employees along the following dimensions:

  • Self Control
  • Conscientiousness
  • Dependability
  • Ethics and Values


  • Helps organisations sieve out employees based on their level of integrity.
  • Help reduce organisation's costs by identifying individuals who are likely to engage in counterproductive behaviour.
  • Helps to get an in depth knowledge of oneself and importance of integrity at the workplace.

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  • No. of Items: 45
  • Duration: Approximately 20 minutes
  • Ideal For: Employees across the hierarchy! Choose between the Standard or Basic versions of the test depending on your specific requirements.