Sales Skills and Personality Profiler [SSaPP]

The health of any business depends on its Sales numbers !!!
Choosing the right guy for Sales is not only important but critical to help the company make profits.

We can help you select the right person for this crucial role. Our Sales Skills and Personality profiler [SSaPP] is a tool designed to gain insights into every sales person's unique profile. It is a comprehensive instrument that profiles the individual on various personality traits, behaviours and aptitudes critical for success in the area of sales.

Psychometric profiling is done by trained and certified psychometricians.

SSaPP measures 10 key skills and personality traits of Sales profile including:

  1. Achievement Motivation
  2. Negotiation Skills
  3. Self Confidence
  4. Presence of Mind
  5. Enthusiasm and Energy
  1. Knowledge of Principles of Selling
  2. Oral Communication Skills
  3. Rapport Building Skills
  4. Listening Skills
  5. Interpersonal Warmth

Our test not only focuses on these key unitary skills and personality traits but also focuses on 4 group dimensions which adds further depth to the already rich information that the report throws up on each individual. These group dimensions are a combination of the unitary factors clubbed together in such a way that they become appropriate and meaningful clusters.

  1. Interactive Domain
  2. Communicative Domain
  1. Intrapersonal Domain
  2. Knowledge Domain


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