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About Psychometrica

At Psychometrica, we truly believe that people are an organisation's biggest asset! And also its biggest challenge!

Understanding Psychometric Test Scoring and Results

Hence, our focus is on helping you manage your people in the best possible manner. We have assessments to guide you along every step of your people management journey: from recruiting people that fit in best with your requirements, helping you retain and groom your talent, minimise attrition, identify training and development needs, choose the best ones for higher roles, and so on.

Psychometrica has an experienced and trained team of psychologists who have developed the range of psychometric assessments. Thus, our tests are psychometrically sound. What’s more, they have been designed keeping in mind the psyche and the attitudes of today's Indian working generation. Thus, they are best suited to profile your people's strength and development areas. Additionally, our detailed reports will provide you with in-depth insights into your employees, enabling you to understand what makes each of them tick and how to get the best out of them.

Our Vision

Psychometric tests - Practice Aptitude Tests

To bring psychometric assessments to grassroot levels in India, by making them accessible across industries and geographical areas, especially the SMEs and smaller organisations.

To provide online and offline psychometric assessment services at affordable rates to organisations and individuals.

Psychometrica offers the following unique services to its customers:
  • Online Psychometric Assessments to Corporates and Organisations
  • Online Aptitude Testing and Vocational Guidance for Students
  • Online Personal Counseling Sessions
  • Online Self Development and Life Skills Workshops
  • Self Help Packages for Psychological Difficulties such as Anxiety,
  • Depression, Self Esteem Enhancement, Increasing Motivation and so forth.

what is psychometric test

Psychometrica.in is the outcome of a synergetic partnership between Domex and Disha, two organisations that have done pioneering work in their respective domains.

Psychometric Testing Information

Domex is a well-established knowledge management and information processing company with a 25 year track record in servicing national and international customers. The company has been a pioneer in researching and compiling information on business opportunities and sales prospects in 25 key sectors of the Indian economy and industry. Domex has lately diversified and has started offering packaged and customized software for a variety of applications. CapexBD is being offered for capital goods marketing and pre-sales analysis while Psychometrica is being developed as a dynamic HR tool to benefit SMEs in their manpower hiring, selection , placement and training processes

Disha Counseling Center

Technical Knowledge Partnership
Disha is a center dedicated to the mental health and vocational guidance of children, adolescents and adults since 24 years. We render a variety of services, namely aptitude testing, career guidance, psychotherapy, family counseling and so forth. We have 24 years experience of conducting Certified Assessmentss and developing customised assessments for corporates in Recruitment, Selection and Performance Management.